CARE FOR YOUR BONES: Some Thoughts on Osteoporosis Prevention

Those massive marble columns that support the roof of the Parthenon —essentially composed of calcium—are truly wonders to behold.     These columns have been viewed probably by tens of millions of people (and maybe more),  been respected,  revered and lovingly cared for.     Your bones are made of a lot of calcium also (and a lot of other substances).     Although they may not be held in awe by millions of tourists,   you need to do that.     You are the sole owner of your set of  bones and therefore must give them the proper nutrition,  proper amounts of daily physical activity,  and TLC (tender loving care) so they can be in tip-top shape for your entire lifespan.    You can then enjoy a life filled with doing the things you like to do because your mobility is not impaired.

Your bones are,  in many ways,  so much more wonderful than ancient marble columns.    But since you don’t “see” them you take them for granted.     Remember a couple of things.    Bone is made of living cells and tissue and changes daily in response to what you do  (or what you don’t do but should).      We are talking physical activity.   We are talking exercise.    We are urging you to simply do more movement each and every day.    A recent study of daily calorie usage concluded that we use on average about 100 calories less per day.     The study’s objective was to offer an explanation for weight gain and rise in obesity in our current society.    (100 calories not used each day translates into approximately a pound of weight increase monthly.)     Do the math.   

Let’s expand the thought of this study beyond it’s original objective.    Assume that most of the 100 calories not used each day is from insufficient physical activity.    If you start walking a bit more or doing several minutes of office chair exercises to use those 100 calories you can prevent gaining the approximate 12 pounds each year.    Just as importantly AND SIMULTANEOUSLY YOU ARE STRENGTHENING YOUR BONE TISSUES !!!     Double benefits — imagine that!     Remember — that’s because all systems and parts of your body are interconnected.     This has been a principal premise for our helping you establish foundational thinking and understanding that what you choose to do each day either contributes towards your health or detracts from your wellness.     Many of the health problems in the U.S. today take a long time to show up because individuals live a set of life habits that erode their health.     Your bone health is in your hands and it is very dependent on moving your body every day.    MOVEMENT REQUIRES MUSCLES TO PULL ON YOUR BONES AND THIS MOVEMENT STIMULATES BONE STRENGTH AND DENSITY.    It’s that simple.

One response to “CARE FOR YOUR BONES: Some Thoughts on Osteoporosis Prevention

  1. Hello Jeff,
    Many times I had wanted to thank you for your articles on upgrading our health – without medication! Prevention is the key to it all, and your articles include common sense approaches that are effective. Please continue to give us the information we need. It is much appreciated.
    Barbara Merritt,

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