New Year Resolution: Do Four Things Each Day for Your Own Good

Millions of people around the world probably make resolutions at this time of year.    Often these words of resolve are just that ………..words.     No sustained action.      It is very apparent that there is no pattern to see these resolutions actually come to fruition.      This year we see you doing  more good for yourself each and every day.     If you build yourself up,  then you begin to take on the glow of a new person.      And  then the world becomes a better place.     So here is our pitch for a new year resolution:     DO THESE FOUR ACTIONS EVERYDAY AND YOU DO GOOD THINGS FOR YOU. 

1.     Start each day with positive self-talk.     “I choose today to eat  foods rich in essential nutrients to further strengthen my health.”      Or “I have the gift of good health now and it is my responsibility to maintain it and even improve it.”     Or  “I am a courteous driver and observe the rules of the road for my safety and that of others.”    Come up with your own thoughts on areas you want to improve and COMMIT THEM TO WRITING !      CONSPICUOUSLY POST THEM WHERE YOU WILL READ THEM THROUGHOUT THE DAY.       

2.     Do five to ten minutes of intensive physical activity each day that is focused on elevating your metabolism.     This means work your muscles using resistance so they are required to use more energy.      From reading previous blogs you know what are the main sources of energy for muscles cells.     Thus you take a step forward to a lean and toned body.    And you energize your entire being.   

3.     Choose healthier substitutes over some of the less-than-healthy meals you may eat each day.      Replace  the pizza or hot dog with an amazing salad of your own creation.      An 11-ounce container of organic greens costs $7.00 and will give you 3 to 5 meals.     Compare to your regular choices in terms of both cost and nutrition value.     Base your choices on the nutrient content of the food and not solely the calories.     Most of you know many foods that are high in calories but short on nutrition.     Most of these foods are processed junk foods which you should avoid as much as possible throughout the coming year as well as for the rest of your life.      Begin to emphasize the nutrition content of foods,  namely,  the vitamins,  minerals and fiber they contain.     Select foods closest to their natural state such as fresh vegetables and fruits since they contain broad spectrums of nutrients.    Processed foods (such as white bread) may throw a few nutrients back into the mix but you better believe they are inferior.

4.     Do something good for another person every day.      It can be as simple as saying “Hello.”      Or holding the door for another person.      Or saying “Thank you” to someone for a service.      You are acknowledging the existence of another person and,   somehow deep inside each of us,  we all would like to feel that another human being knows we exist.     Get off that constant texting or chronic “glued-to-your-ear”  cell phone banter !     Be more aware of the world around you and interact with it once again.      We should not see the world  as though it revolves around us as individuals or a piece of hand-held technology.      Instead we should see ourselves as part of a grand design to which each of us contributes a small bit of good each and every day. 

We don’t know what the future holds for us ——- as individual human beings,  nor as a nation ,  nor as a world community.       But we can certainly do what is in our control  —— build ourselves up by doing some good things for ourselves.       The above four actions are basic habits that we can and should make a crucial part of our daily life.      They can help set the tone to successfully fulfill other resolutions and goals no matter what time of the year.     Each day let’s all   “GROW AND GLOW”.      And then pass of that GLOW.       You are now part of a world that is a little better place because of YOU.                        

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