In the face of ebola and also with the cold / flu season fast approaching, there is a feeling of desperation of what one should do.   Some ask for advice on the flu shot.  Chain pharmacies and doctors advertise they administer flu vaccinations.  We offer no opinion here on this matter.  However we at Hilltop advocate you take measures to strengthen the ability of your own immune system to effectively deal with viruses (as well as other pathogenic microbes).

You probably have a pretty effective immune system if you get zero to 1 infectious disease per year (bacterial or viral). Beyond that, the more incidents of infection you get annually may strongly indicate you need to build up your systemic immune function.  But do not sit on your laurels if you’ve had a disease-free life for the past number of years.  Your immune system can be weakened just as much as it can be strengthened.  The components of your immune system are living cells and are in need of care on a regular basis.  They need to be energized so they can all do their jobs at the highest level possible to protect your body when it is invaded by disease-causing organisms.


  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Give your body water on an hourly basis throughout the day.
  • Eat abundant vegetables and some fruits daily.
  • Take time to relax and de-stress.  Avoid backing yourself into tough situations.
  • Do light / moderate physical activity several times weekly at least.
  • Practice deep breathing daily.
  • Avoid excessive over-eating and heavy drinking.  High protein and carbohydrate diets can put stresses on optimal functioning of your body’s systems including your immune functions.
  • Many supplements can provide critical support.  But first put into action all the other previous measures above.

The holiday season is here.  These energizing measures are not meant to put a damper on your celebrating and enjoying good times with friends and family.  Simply remember this:   You are responsible for how well your immune system is functioning.   When the above-listed habits are followed consistently on a daily basis, your resistance to pathogenic microbes will more likely be at a much higher level throughout the years ahead including present and future cold / flu seasons and even ebola.




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