Cold and flu season is still not quite over. Review these tips to keep your #immune system strong. #ColdandFlu #Sleep #Hydration

Hilltop Pharmacy Wellness' Blog

In the face of ebola and also with the cold / flu season fast approaching, there is a feeling of desperation of what one should do.   Some ask for advice on the flu shot.  Chain pharmacies and doctors advertise they administer flu vaccinations.  We offer no opinion here on this matter.  However we at Hilltop advocate you take measures to strengthen the ability of your own immune system to effectively deal with viruses (as well as other pathogenic microbes).

You probably have a pretty effective immune system if you get zero to 1 infectious disease per year (bacterial or viral). Beyond that, the more incidents of infection you get annually may strongly indicate you need to build up your systemic immune function.  But do not sit on your laurels if you’ve had a disease-free life for the past number of years.  Your immune system can be weakened just as…

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