February Should be “Cardiovascular Health Responsibility” Month

“Heart Health Awareness” as a theme for February ought to be renamed “Cardiovascular Health Is Your Responsibility” month to give more directional emphasis.  Here in 2015, cardiovascular disease is still near the top of all fatal diseases.  This hasn’t changed much for decades.  Your mindset and attitude need to align with the fact that you… and only you … are capable of maintaining or restoring your cardiovascular system to a high level of health. 

Here are some ideas that might help you connect with something motivational:

  • The heart and the arteries, veins, capillaries major parts of your cardiovascular system. When they are well cared for, they work beautifully together as a system.  You should read about how your daily life activities affect this system that circulates the equivalent of upwards of 2000 gallons of your life-giving fluid in 24 hours!!
  • What you choose to eat every day has a bearing upon the health of each of these parts. Cardiovascular disease in the U.S. and in other Western countries exists where a large portion of the populations feasts on meat, starchy / fatty foods, and refined food ingredients having little nutrient remaining in them.  Diets heavy on these types of foods do not constitute good care for your cardiovascular system.  Instead they can promote deterioration and inflammation of your blood vessels.  You should read about that.
  • Have your doctor thoroughly explain the significance of various blood test items e.g. CRP, A1C, GFR, and MCH.  You should also read about homocysteine.
  • Your kidneys coordinate with your cardiovascular system to maintain vital balances of water and minerals in your body.  Along the way you’ll pick up on how diabetes can really mess up the works.  This is something you should learn about and perhaps share with someone who is on the way to becoming diabetic.
  • Ask your doctor what gradual steps you take to possibly begin to safely reverse your cardiovascular condition e.g. types of exercise suitable at the present time.

February 2015 has come and gone.  Heart health awareness and cardiovascular health responsibility should continue on not just for the next 11 months but onward for the rest of your life.  It’s your cardiovascular system.  You own it.  Start now to learn how to take good care of it and put what you learn into action.  Health can readily be built up a bit every day just as much as it can be eroded and destroyed  some as each day passes.


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