The Salty Facts About Salt

Salt.  By this we mean sodium chloride.  Often when people speak of “salt” they mean the sodium component of salt.  For many people with health issues, particularly high blood pressure, they are warned by their doctors to reduce their daily salt intake.  Some people might take this too seriously and strive to lower daily consumption to such a point as to harm their health.  This blog seeks to balance the perspective on sodium and chloride (salt) consumption.

The human body needs sodium intake every day because there is daily sodium loss in the urine, sweat and feces.  Chloride also is used up on a daily basis.

Sodium and chloride are key electrolytes performing vital roles that keep you alive and healthy.  They are essential for balancing the water content of the blood and in the fluid around all your body cells.  Nutrients can then reach your body’s cells and toxins can be removed.

Electric current moves along the nerves of your body to control muscle movement and for your heart to beat because of sodium.  Too little sodium in your body has been associated with low energy, elevated risk of heart problems and even fatalities.

Chloride is necessary for digestive juice production i.e. hydrochloric acid in the stomach.  This is highly necessary for proper digestion of proteins and for absorption of minerals.

Select foods you eat with more care.  Avoid eating excess processed ones which can often contain significant amounts of sodium.  Do more cooking of your own and add just the amount of salt you want when you begin your meal.  A half-teaspoon  (1/2) of salt is approximately 1,500 mg of salt so let this be a visual gauge of how much you will put on your food over the course of the day especially if you need to monitor intake.

For our readers, customers and patients please consult with your doctors.   We hope you find this information helpful.  To your good health.



One response to “The Salty Facts About Salt

  1. People have to be realistic about salt – I’m hearing alot about “cut out salt” from friends and even doctors – this isnt realistic. We all need to learn the facts concerning the appropriate levels of salt and enjoy foods that have it within reason…!

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