Silicon: Another Anti-Aging Element Part 2

The previous blog discussed the element MAGNESIUM and its central roles in how well the trillions of cells that make up your body’s tissues and organs are able to perform their life functions.  Another important aspect of “anti-aging” is:  What holds you (your tissues and organs) together?

The discussion of “anti-aging” continues with the focus on the mineral element SILICON.  Silicon is a crucial element for the structure of virtually all your body tissues and organs.  From your birth and throughout every day of your life, this mineral element is at the core of HOW STRONG YOUR BODY’S INFRASTRUCTURE will remain.

Nutritional research since the 1970s links the fact that both the quality and quantity of the structural proteins known as collagens need silicon to be present.  What are collagens?  They are specialized proteins that have different capabilities depending on the tissues/organ in which they are made.  Some of them stretch, some are more rigid, and some bend and twist.  Silicon is incorporated into the collagens as well as it appears to act as a catalyst for processes that activate healthy collagen production.

Ultimately the collagens enable your body as a whole to maintain the form you see in the mirror every morning.  There are about a dozen and a half known types found throughout your body.  Some of the prime locations of collagens are bone, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, skin, nails, arteries and veins and the membranes that support and protect your internal organs.

QUESTION:  Do you provide your body with this highly important mineral element daily?  What is an adequate amount of silicon intake?  Silicon comes in many naturally-occurring forms with some being absorbed better than others.  It is safe to say that eating a broad-spectrum vegetable/fruit-based daily diet will meet your silicon needs.  (At least three servings a day should cover most bases.)  Some good sources are whole grains, green leafy vegetables, asparagus, green beans, rice and legumes to name a few.

Silicon is regarded as a trace element i.e. you don’t necessarily require 1000 mg per day. There is no government-established daily value.   A consistent plant-based diet every day should help assure you provide your body with ample supply.

Make silicon a high priority element in your diet.  In doing so you elevate your chances for a healthy longevity and improve how well your body maintains itself in the years ahead.

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