More Physical Activity Contributes to Protection Against Cancer — Part 1

Physical activity (or if you prefer physical movement or exercise) done everyday is directly linked to cancer prevention.  Become physically active consistently and you strengthen the various protective functions that are built into your body systems.  However, the deafening roar of drug company marketing efforts and cancer medical center advertising can drown out any discussion or thought on your part of this most fundamental, yet essential, approach to protecting yourself against cancers.  The fact is, it is within your power to reduce your chances of getting a cancer in the first place.  Furthermore you have the ability to lower the chance of recurrence should you be a cancer survivor.

Here are some crucial points that show how physical activity and exercise boost your body’s protective functions against developing a cancer:

  1.  The various aspects of your immune system are elevated.   The immune system is composed of a variety of types of cells capable of seeking out and destroying cancer cells.
  2. Your lymph system is more active when you do daily physical movement.  The lymph system is a separate set of vessels similar to your veins with one big exception.  There are nodes or “filters” where immune system cells reside.  They capture germs such as viruses as well as cancer cells.  Physical movement done throughout each day greatly increases the flow of the liquid portion of your blood through these nodes located throughout your body.
  3. Deeper breathing that occurs when you move vigorously elevates the oxygen levels in your blood.  This increases the oxygen levels throughout the entire internal environment surrounding your trillions of body cells  (which includes all those immune system cell types).  Normal cells that have abundant oxygen function better.  Cancer cells, on the other hand, are different in that they do not thrive well with oxygen being present.
  4. Sweating is a good thing.  Scientific findings published in 2011 in Archives of Environmental and Contamination Toxicology reported that a good number of types toxins are more efficiently sweated out.  This includes BPA (bis-phenol A) and phthalates, both found in plastics such as beverages bottles and the plastic coating inside canned foods.
  5. Physical activity speeds up the clearance of toxins from your digestive system.  After usable nutrients are absorbed from food you’ve eaten, the contents in your intestines move to the bowel for elimination.  In the bowel are toxins from food and water plus wastes removed from your blood by the liver (such as excess cholesterol, medications byproducts, and hormone residues).  Research studies indicate that physical movement shortens retention time of all these harmful and inflammatory substances which is linked to lower incidence of colorectal cancer.

Cancer is not just about family history and your genetic inheritance.  There are clear links to the need for consistent daily physical activity to activate the above-mentioned benefits.  You need to gradually adopt the mindset and mental attitude that you can have enormous input into your life direction toward strong health and away from allowing a cancer to begin inside your body.

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