Options to Handle Seasonal Allergies

It’s springtime.  Trees and flowers have begun to bloom.  But don’t think that natural allergens such as pollen alone are responsible for your discomfort.  Other environmental agents added into the mix can push you over the top.  For example, heavy perfume or household scents, interior dust buildup, animal hair and dander.  It’s even possible that eating certain foods to excess has an additive effect.  Be mindful of what you do.

Natural remedies can offer good outcomes when it comes to dealing with seasonal allergy symptoms and discomfort.  There are fewer if any side effects.   Furthermore with homeopathics, you can often reduce your dose amount and dose frequency as your symptoms abate.  If you have not gotten significant relief from previously-used medications, perhaps you might consider natural allergy relief products.

Here are some additional suggestions to dealing with seasonal allergies:

  • Rinse hair, eyelashes more often
  • Remove shoes and outerwear upon entering your home
  • Vacuum more frequently
  • Hydrate with moderate amounts of water throughout the day
  • Minimize exposure to lung irritants such as tobacco and outdoor grilling smoke

Please refer to our earlier blog “Spring Allergies Got You In Their Grip?  How To Break Their Hold Naturally ” back on April 2011 for more detailed recommendations.

Hope our suggestions may provide a more comfortable and pleasant Spring.


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